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Electronic Musician 2007 Editors' Choice Award - Best Pre-Amp

Chameleon Labs 7602 Microphone Preamplifier Equalizer

$739.00 MSRP

CPS-1- $110 Required.  One supply will power 2 units.

Knob Upgrade Kit (Anodized Aluminum Knobs: 7 Silver, 2 Blue)

$45.00 MSRP

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The Model 7602 Microphone Preamplifier/Equalizer is based on a classic and revered design utilizing pure Class ‘A’ circuitry. This unit is made with 100% discrete components, hand wound transformers and was fabricated to precisely match vintage counterparts manufactured in the early to mid 70’s. The Model 7602 represents a dramatic breakthrough in delivering vintage audio performance at an affordable price.

Equalizer Section (Selectable 3 band design with a flexible filter section)

Filter - This is a high pass filter with 3db loss at 300Hz, 160Hz, 80Hz, and 50Hz with an 18db cut per octave slope.

Low Equalization - This section has a shelving slope with four frequency selections: 220Hz, 110Hz, 60Hz, and 35Hz. This equalizer affects the selected frequency and all others below it. The gain control provides 20db of boost or cut.

Mid Equalization - This section has a peaking characteristic with six frequency selections: 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6k, 3.2k, 4.8k, and 7.2k. The gain control provides 20db of boost or cut.

High Equalization - This section has a shelving characteristic with five frequency selections: 16k, 12k, 7k, 4.9k and 3.4k. This section adjusts the selected frequency and all others above it. The gain control provides 20db of boost or cut.

Model 7602 Features

  • Fully balanced transformer mic and line inputs
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Hi-Z direct input for instruments on the front panel
  • 48VDC phantom power switch
  • 180 degree phase reversal switch
  • 20 position gold contact ELMA rotary gain switch for both Mic and Line sections
  • Output level control functions as a fader when going straight to tape
  • Oversize power supply provides many times the current needed for optimum sound quality and will power two units
  • One-year warranty


By employing classic circuit design, polystyrene capacitors, a gold contact ELMA gain selector and custom wound transformers, Chameleon Labs ensures that the Model 7602 will exhibit classic audio sound.

The Model 7602 has a transformer balanced input with a range between 20dB and 80 dB of gain. The separate line input is transformer balanced and accepts input levels from -20 to +10dB.

The CPS-1 (sold separately) is a 1U rack mountable regulated, toroidal power supply for the 7602 and is required for operation of the unit. The CPS-1 features the ability to supply power to two 7602 units for dual channel operation.

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Model 7602 Specifications

Input impedance:          Microphone – 1,200 ohms
                                   Line – 10,000 ohms
                                   D.I. – 100,000 ohms

Sensitivity:                   Microphone – -80dBm to -20 dBm in 5dB steps for 0 dBm output.
                                   Line – -20 dBm to +10 dBm in 5 dB steps for 0 dBm output.

Noise:                          Measured at 80 db of gain with 200 ohm input termination, without 20Hz to 20kHz to assist in filtering out noise.
                                   -49dbu with final output stage at 50% EIN -129 dbu;
                                   -46dbu with final output stage at unity EIN -126 dbu;
                                   -56dbu without final output stage EIN -136 dbu.
                                   Controls either “flat” or switched out.

Output:                        Balanced and floating to feed a 600 ohm load.
                                   Maximum output +26 dBm into 600 ohms, or +20dBm into 150 ohms.

Output impedance:        600 ohms, balanced (source impedance 75 ohms).

Frequency Response:    11 Hz – 77.65 kHz – 3 dB.
                                   Level variation is less than 0.2%.

Distortion:                    1k Hz = 0.0245%


7602 Review by Rich Wells (Electronic Musician Magazine May 2006)

7602 Review by Jay Matheson (Mojo Pie Jan 2006)



Here are some mono .wav files that can be listened to or downloaded onto your computer. The files are named with both the pre-amp and the microphone that was used in the recording. To listen to a file, simply click on the filename. To download to your computer for comparison listening, right click on the filename and copy it to any location on your computer. You may then load these files into any audio program that will accept the .wav format.
:: Acoustic Guitar (Acoustic GTR - 1073 -TLM103.wav)
:: Acoustic Guitar (Acoustic GTR - 7602 -TLM103.wav)
:: Electric Guitar (Electric GTR - 1073 -TLM103.wav)
:: Electric Guitar (Electric GTR - 7602 -TLM103.wav)
:: Female Vox (Female Vox - 1073 -TLM103.wav)
:: Female Vox (Female Vox - 7602 -TLM103.wav)
:: Male Vox (Male Vox - 1073 -TLM103.wav)
:: Male Vox (Male Vox - 7602 -TLM103.wav)
:: Tenor Sax 1 (Tenor Sax1 - 1073 -TLM103.wav)
:: Tenor Sax 1 (Tenor Sax1 - 7602 -TLM103.wav)
:: Tenor Sax 2 (Tenor Sax2 - 1073 -TLM103.wav)
:: Tenor Sax 2 (Tenor Sax2 - 7602 -TLM103.wav)
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